India Bhutan Relations

India Bhutan Relations Bhutan- India relations are governed by a friendship treaty (1949) that was renegotiated in 2007, freeing Thimphu’s external relations & arms import permission from Delhi, but still subjecting the Himalayan nation’s security needs to supervision. Under the 2007 India-Bhutan Friendship Treaty, the two sides have agreed to “cooperate closely with each other … Continue reading India Bhutan Relations

India Pakistan Relations

India Pakistan Relations Hindu ruler Hari Singh tried to negotiate with India & Pak to have an independent status for his state. Since majority population of the state was Muslim, the Pakistan thought Kashmir ‘belonged‘ to them. On 15th August Harisingh offered standstill agreement with both countries which allowed the free movement of people & goods. Pakistan … Continue reading India Pakistan Relations

ISRO – Space Programme

Types of Satellite Orbits How satellites move in space A satellite’s orbit works because of a balance between two forces viz. Satellite’s velocity – the speed it is travelling in a straight line Force of the Earth’s gravitational pull on the satellite An artificial satellite is always falling towards earth, but it has enough tangential … Continue reading ISRO – Space Programme

A political scientist has discovered a surprising way to increase voter turnout. It starts in childhood.

Via :WP Almost one in two of the United States’ voting-age population failed to cast their ballot in last November’s presidential elections, putting the United States far behind almost all other developed democracies around the world in voter turnout. Many proposals have been offered to tackle this embarrassing problem: Hold elections on weekends. Make Election Day a … Continue reading A political scientist has discovered a surprising way to increase voter turnout. It starts in childhood.

Indian Economy : A Close Watch And Road Ahead

India: A Snapshot Introduction India, a South Asian nation, is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country with over 1.33 billion people, and the most populous democracy in the world. India boasts of an immensely rich cultural heritage including numerous languages, traditions and people. The country holds its uniqueness in its diversity and … Continue reading Indian Economy : A Close Watch And Road Ahead