Dangal girl Zaira Wasim claims of molestation on a Vistara flight, breaks down in Instagram video


Bollywood actress Zaira Wasim has claimed that a man sitting behind her on a Delhi-Mumbai Vistara flight allegedly tried to molest her. The Dangal actress narrated the harrowing experience in a Instagram post. Zaira Wasim uploaded her story in two videos. While she recorded the first one inside the plane, she uploaded the the next one after landing in Mumbai. ‘This is not done, this is not the way anybody should be made to feel, this is terrible!” the actress speaks in the video, while fighting back her tears.

As per the actress, the passenger, who was sitting behind her put his feet on the armrest of her chair. After her protest, the man cited turbulence as a reason behind to put his feet in that manner. The actress than went on to claim that the man then touched her neck and her back with his feet.

Even as the actress was explaining her story in the social network site, the passenger was seen taking advantage of the dim lighting in the cabin and the actress was not able not record the incident completely . Who is going to help us Girls? If we don’t help ourselves, nobody will come ahead” Zaira said at the end of her video.

“We have seen the reports regarding Zaira Wasim’s experience with another customer on board last night. We are carrying out detailed investigation and will support Zaira in every way required. We have zero tolerance for such behaviour”, Vistara said in its response.

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