Delhi Sultanate → Khilji Dynasty (1290 – 1320)

Delhi Sultanate → Khilji Dynasty (1290 – 1320)

  • Founder of Khilji dynasty was Jalaluddin Khilji
  • killed by his son – in – law Alauddin khilji to claim the throne of Delhi


Alaunddin Khilji (1296 – 1316)

  • Passed 4 ordinances to be free from rebellions:


  • Confiscated properties of Nobles
  • Organised intelligence system to know secret activities of nobles
  • Public sale of drugs & alcohol was totally stopped
  • Social gathering & festivities without permission of Sultan was forbidden


  • Maintained large standing army & paid them in cash
  • Introduced system of Dagh (Branding of horses ) & Huliya (of soldiers)
  • Introduced 4 markets in Delhi viz.


  • For Grains
  • For cloths, sugar, dry fruits, oil & butter
  • For horses, slaves & cattle
  • For miscellaneous commodities


  • Each market was under the control of a high officer called “Shahna – i – Mandi”
  • Secret agents “ Munhiyans” were appointed to report functioning of these markets to sultan
  • Prices were fixed for every commodity & if anyone found cheating, he was measured with harsh punishment
  • Alauddin Khilji was 1st sultan of Delhi who ordered measurement of land to collect land revenue in cash


Delhi Sultanate

Military Campaign

  • Raided Gujrat in 1299, Queen & a Eunuch “Kafur” were taken to Delhi,
  • kafur was made Malik Naib (Military commander)
  • Raided Chittor where Raja Ratan singh fought valiantly but got defeated
  • Ratan singh’s queen Rani Padmini performed Jauhar (self-immolation) along with other women (Mentioned in book Padmavat written by Jayasi)
  • Greatest achievement of Khilji was conquest of Deccan & Far south till Pandya kingdom of Madurai →  By Kafur (slave of Khilji who conquered Devagiri, Warrangal, Hoysala & Madurai)


Art & Culture

  • Patronized poets like Amir Khusro & Amir Hasan
  • Built famous gateway known as Alai Darwaja (Entrance of Qutub Minar)
  • Constructed a new capital at Siri (Delhi)

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